In 2007 Dave went to work for an international company that built websites, intranets and portals for large organisations. This has given him a great understanding of the importance of standards, performance and accessibility. Focussing mainly in a number of key areas and sectors, below you can see the types of clients he has worked with.

London Web Standards

Since 2008 Dave has been a volunteer at London Web Standards (LWS). LWS is a group of volunteers that run meet-ups and a yearly conference (State of the Browser) to bring together web professionals who are working for a better web.

They care about a lot of web-related topics like including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, accessibility, web fonts, UX and front-end performance among others.

Charity & Not for Profit

Charity & Not for Profit (NFP) sites are key for those sectors. Charity sites allow for the charity to raise money and awareness. NFP sites provide services and information. Both of these sectors have provided an essential service in the past year, during the pandemic.

Examples of Charity & Not for Profit clients Dave has worked with:



University, sites and portals are extremely complex and have to deal with a great many different types of users. From students to staff to alumni to parents to researchers, all of whom are after different things. This makes the nature of these types of site exceptionally complex.

Examples of Universities Dave has worked with:


Museum sites generally have many pages of content and are very often accessed while on the move. This means that they need to be super-fast and use as little data as possible. Dave worked with the Westminster Abbey digital team during the Royal wedding in 2011, when the site was receiving over 25,000 visitors per minute, meaning the site had to be highly available and fast.

Examples of Museums Dave has worked with:


Government sites and portals provide essential service to their users, such as paying bills or reporting problems. These sites don’t just provide fundamental services to citizens, but also help reduce costs by encouraging better self-service and automation of tasks, freeing up agents to focus on supporting other issues. Therefore the importance of user journeys, speed, simplicity and accessibility is absolutely key.

Examples of Government clients Dave has worked with:


Publishing sites are generally very large and can have complex methods of accessing that vast content base. Making sure that the content is easily updated and available in many different countries and languages. Large multinational sites need to ensure speed and agility in serving up relevant content at any given point in time.

Examples of Publishing clients Dave has worked with: